Deep pleating of Synthetic Media A key element of the lpd technology is the ability to thermally emboss and deep pleat synthetic (as well as glass fiber) filter media, exploiting its inherent advantages and lower cost. A new generation of cost effective synthetic media.
Filter Media Area Reduction While maintaining filter efficiency and pressure drop, the technology is unsurpassed in its ability to achieve meaningful reductions in filter media area. Filter media and pleat separation/hot melt cost savings.
Low Assembly Costs The rigid pack structure reduces the degree of protection the filter frame needs to provide to the filter pack.

Easier and faster to assemble one stable 24 x 24x 12 inch lpd filter pack into a frame than to mount 4, 6, 8 or more Minipleat packs into a V/W shape filter element. Lower cost frame and protective packaging can be used.


High Speed,Versatile Cost Effective Filter Production With 3 persons, filter pack production can take place at unmatched speeds of up to 30 m/min (100 ft/min) of flat filter media, being 2 to 3 times faster than traditional methods; quick retooling change over. High installed production capacity at an economical cost; every 20 seconds, a 24 x 24 x 4 inch pack with 6 sq mts (64 sq ft) is produced.
Minimal Waste in Manufacturing With a media splicing module and running the equipment on a continual basis, filter media and hot melt wastage is virtually eliminated. Reductions in total manufactured cost.
Aesthetically Appealing and Attractive Filter Distinctive and attractive “show piece” product which differentiates and stands out from traditional filters in the international market. Market interest and attention, invigorating the sales force.
Integrated Brand Portfolio The lpd technology allows the quick and easy manufacturing, on one machine, of an entire brand portfolio where each filter can be optimized for different customers, different needs.

• Economically priced filters for the price sensitive customer

• Optimally priced filters that balance price versus. performance

• Premium priced filters that maximize product lifespan or minimize customer operating expenses


Standard Filter Sizes The lpd technology benefits and versatility encourage standardization of filter sizes.

Standardization of filter dimensions for across the board reductions in manufacturing, inventory and distribution expenses as well as bigger and fewer plant facilities.


Robust Filter Elements The design and assembly of the lpd filter pack produces a robust and integrally strong structure.

Due to the properties of synthetic media, cost savings result from reductions in physical damages occurring during transportation, handling and installation.