Immediate Market Entry Having developed, tested and proven the lpd technology, market entry is immediate.

lpd technology will leverage all product lines and brands as well as company image, quickly establishing industry leadership. Delays in introducing the technology into the market place will result in lost opportunities in growing market share, sales and profitability; uphill battle of a late entry.


High Growth Potential in Existing Markets lpd technology has significant and proven competitive advantages in a highly fragmented market in an industry that has experienced minimal innovation for the last 30 years.

Filter manufacturers that do not incorporate the lpd technology will be at a significant competitive disadvantage, jeopardizing market share and profitable survival. Medium sized manufacturers will form alliances while independent small manufacturers will find it difficult to survive.


Proprietary and Patented Technology lpd Technologies has registered several patents and has others pending registration.

The proprietary lpd technology and manufacturing processes are protected. Based on past experience, competitive responses will take time to develop.


Minimal Risk lpd is the leading edge, proven and tested technology in air filtration offering significant quantifiable benefits.

Access to the tested lpd technology eliminates risk as well as development expenditures:

• Intangible: Uncertain outcome in undertaking a development project of this nature and magnitude; longer time to market resulting in possible exclusion from a profound revolution in every aspect of the industry.

• Tangible: Capital investment in prototype machinery; time dedicated to R&D.


New Filter Media

The unique lpd technology and manufacturing process presents opportunities for media manufacturers to develop new media that are more cost effective, superior in performance as well as for use in new applications.


Unique opportunities for manufacturers of synthetic media to immediately increase market share by aligning themselves with the technology.


Value Added Opportunities As compared to existing filters, the lpd technology and manufacturing process is versatile and produces important cost savings.

Filter retailers and service companies, with access to the technology and wishing to leverage its benefits, will pursue opportunities to provide additional value added products and services to customers and end users such as total filtration and clean air.


New Opportunities and Applications

1. Bag/Pocket Filter Market Working with media manufacturers, lpd Technologies is close to completing development of a cassette filter with a pressure drop, efficiency, dust holding capacity and cost similar to a typical bag/pocket filter without its shortcomings.

2. 100% Synthetic HEPA Market Together with lpd Technologies, media manufacturers are developing price competitive media for the market segment with the fastest growth.

3.Air Pulse Cleanable HEPA Filter In conjunction with the FZK (Research Center of Karlsruhe, Germany), lpd Technologies has developed a Reverse Flow/Pulse Cleaning HEPA filter for use in the Nuclear, Pharmaceutical and other industries where disposal costs are high or the collected material needs to be recovered due to cost or environmental considerations.

4. Low Efficiency Residential Filter Market lpd technology can be used to produce 1 and 2 inch deep filters.

5. Cabin Air and Engine Intake Filters lpd technology is compatible with cabin air and engine intake filter requirements.

6. Round Cartridge Filters Cartridge filters can be manufactured using lpd technology, obtaining the same benefits as lpd cassette filters.

7. Liquid Filtration Benefits of the unique lpd technology are applicable in liquid filtration.


Unique Opportunity to Differentiate, Grow and Establish Market Leadership

The lpd technology offers an exceptional growth opportunity:

The market is: • Widely fragmented • Substantial number of “me too” products • Little innovation over the last 30 years

The lpd technology and products provide: • Unmatched array of competitive advantages • Unique opportunity to establish industry leadership

The estimated market size (expressed in US$ millions) for the F 5-9 and H 10-17 segments for year 2003, and estimated annual growth of the worldwide air filter market during 1999 to 2003, are:

  F 5-9 H 10-17 Annual Growth
  US$ US$ %
Europe/Africa 696 229 4.4%
Americas 954 84 5.6%
Asia 876 351 10.0%
Source:The Mcilvaine Company World Air Filtration Market Report


What are your Company´s goals? How quickly will you attain them?

• What is your actual market share in this widely fragmented industry? • What is your potential for growth with this breakthrough revolutionary technology? • What is your potential for growth if you remain with your actual filter technology?