Low Pressure Drop (LPD) The heart of the lpd technology is the low initial pressure drop achieved through proprietary dimple geometry allowing wider pleat separation. Long filter life with low operating costs.
High Air Flow The lpd technology allows higher airflow without increasing pressure drop or the size of the filtration stage. Existing air filtration systems can be upgraded to handle higher airflows for zero additional investment.
Long Filter Life The technology’s dimple geometry, combined with filter media developments, produces high dust holding capabilities. Longer filter life when compared to existing minipleat and separator technologies.
Higher Efficiency Levels With similar or lower initial Pressure Drops as compared to other filters available in the market, lpd filters are in higher air filtration efficiency categories. Existing filter can be upgraded to higher efficiency levels, without reducing airflow or investing in costly booster fans.
Smaller Filters lpd technology allows the substitution of larger filters with smaller ones. Standardization of filter dimensions.
Smaller Air Filtration Installations

Use of the lpd technology permits the design and sizing of more compact installations while maintaining the same airflow, pressure drop and efficiency of existing systems in the market.


Reduced filter house space and cost.
UL 900 Test Standard Compliant

With lpd technology inside, HVAC synthetic air filters comply with the UL 900 Class 2 test standard. Requirements for the UL 900 Class 1 standard can be attained, depending on framing system materials and sealing method between frame and filter pack.


The lpd technology can meet the safety standards established by the world’s largest market.
Washable Filters In combination with appropriate framing and glue materials, use of synthetic media results in a washable filter. Depending on the collected contaminants, the air filter is reusable up to 10 times with only small efficiency loss.
Easy Filter Disposal lpd technology can be used to produce synthetic filter packs with synthetic glue and disposable filter frames such as cardboard. Ease of disposal at a low cost.